Vegan / Vegetarian Hotels with Wellness

As a vegetarian and especially as a vegan, it is usually not easy to get a satisfying meal served on holiday. The selection of meatless dishes on the menus of many wellness hotels is usually very small, so you often have to be content with various side dishes.

However, some hotels have recognized that balanced purely vegetable dishes are an enrichment for their offerings:

Ve Smečkách 596/30, 110 00 Nové MěstoOur Review5.0Link
Poznańska 15, 00-680 WarszawaOur Review5.0Link
Am Bonner Bogen 1, 53227 BonnOur Review4.9Link
Sonseweg 37, 5681 BH BestOur Review4.7Link
Strandpromenade 24, 18609 BinzOur Review4.3Link
Fira, Thira 847 00Our Review4.0Link

The products used should preferably come from organic farming from local producers – ready meals must not be served to health-conscious guests. Houses that specialise in vegan and vegetarian cuisine are aware of the importance of a diet rich in vitamins and fibre, and are therefore able to satisfy their guests.

You are looking for relaxation and wellness, your food is vegan or vegetarian? And you also want to find that in a wellness hotel? There are ethical, health and ecological reasons for a meatless or purely vegetable diet.

More and more people are listening to you. For some it is a clear decision to fight against animal suffering, against meat contaminated with antibiotics and against the deforestation of tropical forests.

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