The Fatomatic Hotels Worldwide

Affordable rooms in Rome, Paris, Berlin that are fun? For the twelfth time, an international jury has chosen its hotel favourites. The proven principle of subjective selection: “Which house would you recommend to friends?” The houses with the most mentions have made it into the ranking.

For more information on the individual hotels, click on “Review” and read our honest opinion:

Ve Smečkách 596/30, 110 00 Nové MěstoOur Review5.0Link
Poznańska 15, 00-680 WarszawaOur Review5.0Link
Am Bonner Bogen 1, 53227 BonnOur Review4.9Link
Sonseweg 37, 5681 BH BestOur Review4.7Link
Strandpromenade 24, 18609 BinzOur Review4.3Link
Fira, Thira 847 00Our Review4.0Link

Good hotels are not only found in the luxury class. Also cheaper hotel variants can bring a beautiful and unforgettable stay. One simply has to know the right factors that make a good hotel.

It is especially important to have enough space available, to use a functional and beautiful furniture and to have a first class mattress in the room. The bathroom should be adapted to the culture of the respective country and the shower should not show any tripping level. Toilets should always be located outside the actual bathroom. Towels must be fluffy and there must also be enough towels available.

The restaurant doesn’t necessarily have to have been awarded many stars, but it has to have a pleasant flair and provide good food. But the most important thing is a good service.

The customer should always feel comfortable, which is why the waiters should not come to the table too often but also not too rarely. At the first greeting there can be a small refreshment, since often a long journey lies behind the guests.

The worst mistake a top conference hotel can make right at the beginning is to confess when it arrives. At the reception everything should go quickly so that the guests can be quickly brought to their room.

After an exhausting journey, you simply don’t feel like standing in the lobby forever and the mood will quickly change in such a situation. Furthermore, someone should always go with the guest to the hotel room so that it can be found directly.

If the room is badly prepared, you will probably never see your guests again. It should be well ventilated and possibly provided with a welcome greeting.

On top of that there should always be a bottle of mineral water and possibly a little something to eat. Breakfast is the next point where mistakes are made again and again. Here the staff must always make sure that nothing moldy or rotten is served. Especially at the buffet this is not uncommon. Even arrogant employees will not leave a good impression.

The cleaning staff must work quietly and cleanly so that the guests dine in a clean environment, but are not annoyed by the noise. Even hotel staff for whom the guest is not considered the “king” will harm the hotel.